Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blackhawk Brigade heads to State Finals

The Blackhawk Brigade earned a trip to their 3rd straight state finals appearence. Getting a top 10 score at semi state yesterday. We try to put end our season with a great performance against the best of the state in Class D. Lewis Cass, North Posey, Forest Park, Tri West, Paoli will acompany the Brigade Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium. The band hopes to use their experience at Lucas Oil this season to help this gain the edge against everyone else.

Brigade will go on at 4:10 with the first slot of Class D. hope to get a huge fan base to follow us up there Saturday.

Valley Football Ends Season

Springs Valley football ends their rough season in the first round of sectional at North Daviess. They end their year at 0 - 10. Many people ask what exactly happened to this team. It was a mixture of things.


this was the biggest reason we struggled all season. Having only 5 seniors at the start of the season, and losing 3 of them to injuries including 2 for the whole season and the third got to play a few minutes during sectional. Our offensive line went from 3 seniors and 2 sophomores to 1 senior, 1 junior, 2 sophmores, and a freshman. and during sectional, 1 of our 2 seniors flunks off the team. so our sectional O-line consisted of 1 Junior, 2 Sophomore, and 2 Freshman. You try having a winning team with that.

2. Youth

This one falls back on all our injuries this season. But our starting 11 on offence, 1 senior, 3 Juniors, 4 Sophomores, and 3 Freshman. Give me any winning football program in the state and see if they can win with that experience.

our injury reports ends up lookings something like this

Senior lineman/linebacker - out for year
senior lineman on both sides - out for year
Senior lineman on both sides - out most of year, got minutes during sectional
Junior running back/safety - out for year
Junior running back/safety - out for year
Sophomore fullback - out for year
sophomore starting QB - out for year

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blackhawk Brigade update

Blackhawk Brigade received the nod to continue their ISSMA run this season by scoring gold at District in Jasper. They also won best music of Class D. only the 7th time in band history that has ever happened. They also went down to South Spencer just last Saturday and left no doubt that they are the best of the class this season. Beating out bands such as North Posey who was ranked 1st going in to the contest and Forest Park ranked 3rd. IM.COM agrees that the Brigade is the band to beat and has them ranked #1. This is the first time in band history they have been ranked #1. Director Luke Aylsworth isn't letting it go to the kids head though, preaching to take nothing for granted that nothing is guarenteed. you can read about the ranking at

Valley Football Update

Blackhawks falls to 0 - 7 on the year after another tough night at Perry Central. Final score 68 - 0. I did get another sack which brings my total up to 6 I believe. Perry had Robbie Piper who is listed as 405 pounds. Guess who had him while the Blackhawks were on offense. yea it wasnt easy. Blackhawks drew North Daviess for sectional this year. They play North Daviess in the final home game of the year at Death Valley. Back to back weeks going up against them.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Recap 8/26

Recapping the events of the weekend.

Valley Football loses 46-14 to West Washington

Valley Football has another slow start against the Senators. But the 2nd half shows a young Valley squad that puts 2 TD's on the board. Valley showing many signs of Improvement on both sides of the ball.

Blackhawk Brigade tries out new stadium in Indianapolis

Blackhawk Brigade had their double day Saturday, stopping at Greenwood then heading to the new Lucas Oil Stadium for the Bands Of America Sound Check. Brigade finishes 2nd at Greenwood, falling to Clay City. Brigade then finishes 11th out of 15 bands at the Sound Check. Here are the results from both events.

Greenwood Invitational
Class D
1) 67.00 - Clay City
2) 63.30 - Springs Valley
3) 61.30 - Triton Central
4) 60.80 - Eastern (G'twn)
5) 59.75 - Morristown
6) 51.95 - Monrovia
7) 47.80 - Blue River Valley
8) 46.90 - North Decatur

Music - Clay City
Visual - Springs Valley
GE - Springs Valley
Aux - Springs Valley
Perc - Clay City

BOA Sound Check

1) 78.95 - Lawrence Central
2) 78.85 - Avon
3) 78.30 - Carmel
4) 76.20 - Centerville (OH)
5) 75.85 - Center Grove
6) 72.25 - Lake Central
7) 71.60 - Ben Davis
8) 68.65 - Western
9) 66.65 - Northrop
10) 66.35 - Decatur Central
11) 64.75 - Springs Valley
12) 63.70 - New Palestine
13) 58.35 - Concord
14) 58.35 - LaRue County (KY)
15) 56.25 - Whiteland

Music - Centerville (OH)
Visual - Carmel
GE - Avon

The Brigade was the only class D at Lucas Oil.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Valley Football Player

A Valley Football Player can come in any size, shape, or color. There is no common denominator except a love for the game and a desire to get the most out of his abilities. He is not only proud of his strengths but understands his weaknesses. He is first of all concerned with the good of his team and knows that individual recognition will come through team excellence.

A Valley Football Player has the enthusiasm of an evangelist; the discipline of a monk;the heart of a warrior; and he never loses the honesty and character of a small boy. He appreciates the support of hundreds of fans, but he is much more aware of the example he is setting for some small boy watching from the sideline. He is happy when he scores a touchdown, sacks the quarterback, or recovers a fumble, but he never forgets his teammates who did their job to make it possible. While he never lets up on a single play, the other team is not his real opponent; it is the full extent of his own potential that he is always playing against. He let's the referees, with occasional assistance from his coaches, do the officiating.

A Valley Football Player is made and not born. He is constantly striving to reach his potential knowing that he will bypass other players that cannot withstand the strain of this quest for excellence. He realizes that the challenges and competition of today's game will better prepare his for tomorrow's world. He knows that the true measure of his performance is not recorded in wins and losses but in how much of himself he has given to the game.

A Valley Football Player never realizes when the odds are stacked against him. He can only be defeated by a clock that happens to run out of time. He is what a small boy wants to become and what an old man can remember, with great pride, that he once was.

The author of this poem is unknown to this day. But is reminded to every player that steps foot on the field of battle in Death Valley. I read this poem every Friday eather during school or before i get to the gym, to remind me what this game is all about.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mario and Luigi in Vice City

watch for Yoshi's Cameo at the end.